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DEFINITION: Conditions of access.

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Andorra visa-free
Antigua and Barbuda visa-free
Armenia visa on arrival
Bangladesh landing permit issued on arrival
Barbados visa-free
Bolivia visa on arrival
Bosnia and Herzegovina visa-free
Brazil Signed
Bulgaria visa-free
Burundi visa on arrival
Cambodia visa on arrival
Cape Verde visa on arrival
Chile visa-free
Comoros visa on arrival
Cook Islands visa-free
Croatia visa-free
Cyprus visa-free
Djibouti visa on arrival
Dominica visa-free
Dominican Republic visa required
East Timor visa on arrival
Ecuador visa-free
Egypt visa on arrival
Faroe Islands visa-free
Federated States of Micronesia visa-free
French Guiana visa-free
French Polynesia visa-free
Georgia visa-free
Greenland visa-free
Guadeloupe visa-free
Guinea-Bissau visa on arrival
Haiti visa-free
Hong Kong visa-free
Iraq visa-free ( Iraqi Kurdistan only)
Israel visa-free
Jamaica visa on arrival
Kenya visa on arrival
Kosovo visa-free
Laos visa on arrival
Macau visa-free
Madagascar visa on arrival
Malaysia visa-free
Maldives visa-free
Martinique visa-free
Mauritius visa on arrival
Mayotte visa-free
Montenegro visa-free
Mozambique visa on arrival
Nepal visa on arrival
New Caledonia visa-free
Niue visa-free
Palau visa on arrival (free of charge)
Pitcairn Islands landing fee payable
Republic of Macedonia visa-free
Romania visa-free
Saint Helena visa on arrival
Saint Martin visa-free
Saint Pierre and Miquelon visa-free
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines visa-free
Samoa visa-free
Serbia visa-free
Seychelles visa-free
Singapore visa-free
South Korea visa-free
Sri Lanka ETA required
Suriname tourist card issued on arrival
Tanzania visa on arrival
Togo visa on arrival
Tokelau Cruising permit must be obtained in Apia , Samoa
Trinidad and Tobago visa-free
Turkey visa-free
Tuvalu visa-free
Uganda visa on arrival
Wallis and Futuna visa-free
Zambia visa on arrival


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