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DEFINITION: Conditions of access.

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Aruba Ordinary passport holders with valid residence permit (permanent or temporary) from Kingdom of the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Schengen territory, UK and Ireland are exempted from visa requirement [1]
Barbados 6 months [1]
Bhutan No visa required [1]
Bolivia Template:Visa on arrival
British Virgin Islands No visa required [1]
Cook Islands 31 days [1]
Cuba Ordinary passport holders with valid residence permit (permanent) from Canada are given visa if booked in a Cuban hotel or resort with airline
Cyprus 3 months [1]
Dominica 21 days [1]
East Timor Up to 3 months [1]
Federated States of Micronesia FSM Immigration Arrival and Departure Record must be filled in before arrival [1]
Fiji 4 months [1]
Georgia 3 month visa issued on arrival [1]
Gibraltar up to 90 days [1]
Grenada Visa on Arrival [1]
Haiti 3 months [1]
Ireland up to three months [1]
Israel issued tourist visa free of charge at every port of entry, 3 months [1]
Jamaica Up to 3 months [1]
Japan 3 months [1]
Kiribati 30 days [1]
Laos 30-day visa issued on arrival for US$30 for official visits only [1]
Malaysia 1 month [1]
Maldives 30 day free visa is issued on arrival [1]
Mongolia Visa issued on arrival to visitors arriving from countries where there is no diplomatic representation of Mongolia
Montserrat 3 months [1]
Nauru 30 days [1]
Nepal 30 day multiple entry visa issued on arrival for free in a visa year [1] ; visa can be extended up to 5 months in a year upon paying visa fees of USD 2 per day [2]
Nicaragua {{Nationals of Bangladesh can obtain a visa on arrival for a max. stay of 90 days. Fee: USD 20.-: Note: Nicaragua, Guetemala, Honduras, and El Slavador have signed CA-4 Border Control Agreement, whereby free movements accross borders are permitted}}
Niue 30 days [1]
Palau 30 days [1]
Palestine Israel controls immigration, 3 months [1]
Philippines 21 days [1]
Pitcairn Islands All visitors require a visa to visit the Pitcairn Islands [1]
Saint Kitts and Nevis 3 months [1]
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1 month [1]
Samoa 60 days [1]
Singapore 6 months [1]
Solomon Islands 30 days [1]
South Korea 90 days [1]
Sri Lanka 30 days (ETA required. cost: US$ 30) [1]
Syria 15 day visa issued upon arrival [1]
The Bahamas 3 months [1]
Trinidad and Tobago No visa required [1]
Turkey Tourist card issued at port of entry, 90 days [1]
Turks and Caicos Islands 30 days [1]
Tuvalu 1 month [1]
United Arab Emirates 30-day visa issued upon arrival, if resident in GCC
United Kingdom up to six months [1] [2]
Vanuatu 30 days [1]


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