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Suchita Vemuri, Staff Editor

Author: Suchita Vemuri, Staff Editor

Many other countries face problems at the other end of the spectrum, having an increasing proportion of young people below 24. This profile has its own attendant set of development issues and problems.

<p><i>What are the development implications of having a younger population?</i>
<br>Governments would need to budget for education and related social infrastructure accordingly. In poorer countries, unemployment rates may rise, aggravating social tensions; in addition, <a href= /graph/peo_tot_fer_rat>fertility</a> and <a href=/graph/peo_bir_rat>birth rates</a> may go up, requiring relevant planning to address related issues, such as <a href= /graph/peo_tee_bir_rat>teenage pregnancy</a>.
DEFINITION: Population, total refers to the total population.


World 7.1 billion 2013
Emerging markets 4.1 billion 2013
Hot countries 3.82 billion 2013
Former British colonies 2.64 billion 2013
Cold countries 2.31 billion 2013
East Asia and Pacific 2.24 billion 2013
Religious countries 2.21 billion 2013
Christian countries 2.09 billion 2013
Non-religious countries 1.83 billion 2013
Densely populated countries 1.81 billion 2013
South and Central Asia 1.73 billion 2013
South Asia 1.61 billion 2013
Muslim countries 1.53 billion 2013
Heavily indebted countries 1.12 billion 2013
High income OECD countries 1.05 billion 2013
Catholic countries 956.33 million 2013
Sub-Saharan Africa 921.27 million 2013
Europe 839.44 million 2013
Group of 7 countries (G7) 750.47 million 2013
failed states 662.49 million 2013
NATO countries 603.73 million 2013
Latin America and Caribbean 598.32 million 2013
Sparsely populated countries 535.13 million 2013
Landlocked countries 510.94 million 2013
European Union 509.37 million 2013
Former Spanish colonies 487.17 million 2013
Former French colonies 436.5 million 2013
OPEC countries 414.49 million 2013
Middle Eastern and North Africa 392.36 million 2013
Eurozone 336.04 million 2013
Eastern Europe 333.29 million 2013
Former Soviet republics 289.37 million 2013
Western Europe 259.65 million 2013
Tourist destinations 195.81 million 2013
Southern Europe 132.05 million 2013
Potential Future EU Members 99.73 million 2013

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