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Australia 10,000-20,000(ABS 2001 Census figures report indicating Romanian ancestry; 12,950 reported as Romanian-born (but not necessarily of Romanian ethnicity).)
Canada 131,320 (Statistics Canada, Canada 2001 Census. , discussed further at List of Canadians by ethnicity) - 400,000
Italy 297,570( Almost 300.000 Romanians in Italy at the end of 2005, according to the Statistical Institute of Italy)
Spain 321,000 (2006)(Instituto Nacional de Estadística: Avance del Padrón Municipal a 1 de enero de 2006. Datos provisionales. . According to , the total number of Romanians living in Spain could be well over 500,000 people.)
Turkey 30,000 ( ("Romanians in diaspora") on the site of The Foundation for Romanians from All Over the World, retrieved December 24, 2004.)
United States 367,000 (2000)(Depending on how one counts who is Romanian, the number in the U.S. may be considerably higher. counts 1.2 million in the U.S. who understand Romanian; their numbers are a bit vague, but (once one discounts Jews, Armenians, etc.) seem to suggest a figure of about 900,000 ethnic Romanians.) - 1,100,000


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