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DEFINITION: Date of Adoption of the United Nations COnvention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material, signed in Vienna on 3 March 1980. Signature (S), Ratification (R ), Accession (a), Acceptance (A), Approval (AA), Succession (d). Note: If there are no abbreviations that means the type of the adoption of the treaty by the member states is not specifically indicated.
Belarus 9-Sep
Belgium 6-Sep
Bolivia 24 January 2002(a)
Botswana 19-Sep
Brazil 17 October 1985(R)
Bulgaria 10 April 1984(R)
Canada 21-Mar-86
Chile 27 April 1994(a)
China 10 January 1989(a)
Croatia 29-Sep
Cuba 26-Sep
Cyprus 23 July 1998(a)
Czech Republic 24 March 1993(d)
Denmark 6-Sep
Dominican Republic 3 March 1980(S)
Ecuador 17 January 1996(R)
Estonia 9 May 1994(a)
Finland 22-Sep
France 6-Sep
Germany 6-Sep
Ghana 16 October 2002(a)
Greece 6-Sep
Grenada 9 January 2002(a)
Guatemala 23 April 1985(R)
Haiti 9 April 1980(S)
Hungary 4 May 1984(R)
Iceland 18 June 2002(a)
India 12 March 2002(a)
Indonesia 5 November 1896
Ireland 6-Sep
Israel 22 January 2002(R)
Italy 6-Sep
Japan 28 October 1988(a)
Kenya 11 Feburary 2002
Latvia 6-Nov
Lebanon 16-Dec
Liechtenstein 25-Nov
Lithuania 7-Dec
Mali 7 May 2002(a)
Marshall Islands 7 February 2003(a)
Mexico 4 April 1988(a)
Moldova 7 May 1998(a)
Monaco 9 August 1996(a)
Mongolia 28 May 1986(R)
Morocco 23-Aug-02
Mozambique 3 March 2003(a)
Namibia 2 October 2002(a)
Netherlands 6-Sep
Niger 7 January 1985(S)
Norway 15 August 1985(R)
Pakistan 12-Sep
Panama 1 April 1999(R)
Paraguay 6 February 1985(R)
Peru 11 January 1995(a)
Philippines 22-Sep
Poland 5 October 1983(R)
Portugal 6-Sep
Romania 23-Nov
Russia 25 May 1983(R)
Slovakia 10-Feb
Slovenia 7 July 1992(d)
South Africa 18 May 1981(S)
South Korea 7 April 1982(R)
Spain 6-Sep
Sudan 18 May 2000(a)
Sweden 1 August 1980(R)
Switzerland 9 January 1987(R)
Tajikistan 11 July 1996(a)
Tonga 24 January 2003(a)
Trinidad and Tobago 25 April 2001(a)
Tunisia 8 April 1993(a)
Turkey 27-Feb
Ukraine 6 July 1993(a)
United States 13-Dec
Uzbekistan 9 February 1998(a)


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