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  • Tsunami > International aid packages: Countries around the globe have stepped forward with pledges of cash and assistance to the victims of the southern Asian earthquake and tsunami disaster.

    The following is a list of contributions pledged by countries, (as of Saturday, Jan 22nd, 2005 - 06:30 PM GMT) compiled from reports by Reuters bureaux and United Nations agencies.

    There are packages coming from international Aid agencies like the IMF, The Red Cross, UNEP, UNICEF and WHO.

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Tsunami > International aid packages Pledged $63.1m in <a href=/cat/Government>government</a> donations, plus $1.8m donated to the <a href=/country/mc>Chinese</a> Red Cross. <a href=/encyclopedia/Philippines>The Philippines</a>, which was spared by the waves but recently lost 1,800 killed in devastating storms, will send "a small humanitarian contingent," said <a href=/encyclopedia/President-of-the-United-States>President</a> Gloria Arroyo.