Education > Education enrolment by level Stats: compare key data on Egypt & Tunisia


STAT Egypt Tunisia HISTORY
Percentage girls > Primary level 47.61%
Ranked 129th.
Ranked 128th. About the same as Egypt

Percentage girls > Secondary level 47.3%
Ranked 119th.
Ranked 36th. 7% more than Egypt

Percentage girls > Tertiary level 41.52%
Ranked 72nd.
Ranked 48th. 32% more than Egypt

Primary level 7.87 million
Ranked 13th. 6 times more than Tunisia
1.28 million
Ranked 67th.

Primary level > Per capita 0.113 per capita
Ranked 86th.
0.131 per capita
Ranked 61st. 16% more than Egypt

Primary level per 1000 115.29
Ranked 84th.
Ranked 65th. 13% more than Egypt

Secondary level 8.38 million
Ranked 13th. 7 times more than Tunisia
1.15 million
Ranked 52nd.

Secondary level > Per capita 119.92 per 1,000 people
Ranked 23th. 2% more than Tunisia
117.41 per 1,000 people
Ranked 25th.

Secondary level per 1000 122.75
Ranked 19th. 5% more than Tunisia
Ranked 28th.

Tertiary level 2.15 million
Ranked 15th. 8 times more than Tunisia
Ranked 53th.

Tertiary level > Per capita 30.81 per 1,000 people
Ranked 47th. 14% more than Tunisia
26.93 per 1,000 people
Ranked 59th.

Tertiary level per 1000 31.53
Ranked 44th. 17% more than Tunisia
Ranked 58th.

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