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STAT Egypt Tunisia
Croatia > Date of Establishment October 1, 1992 January 30, 1993
Date of recognition of Israel None
Date of recognition of State of Palestine 18 November 1988 15 November 1988
Date of recognition of Syrian National Council Recognised on 24 February 2012 (As an opposition group) Rejection of Assad government Verbal support
Diplomatic relations with Palestine Yes Yes
Diplomatic representation in the US > Ambassador Shoukry, Sameh Sameh Shoukry Vacant Tarek Ben Youssef, Chargé d'Affaires a.i.
International recognition of the Syrian National Council notes On 24 February 2012, on the heels of the inaugural Friends of Syria Group meeting in Tunis, Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr revealed that Cairo recognizes all Syrian opposition factions. Rashid al-Ghannushi , president of Ennahda Movement , Tunisia's largest party stated on 2 November that SNC is the legitimate representative of Syria, at the same time he closed Syrian embassy in Tunis and ousted Syrian ambassador. On 16 December, SNC hold three-day congress (its first international congress) in Tunis where Tunisia's newly elected president, Moncef Marzouki , participated in the talks and had a press conference with SNC's president Burhan Ghalioun . On 19 December Burhan Ghalioun announced that the new Tunisian government will officially recognise the Council.
Nepal > Date of Establishment July 16, 1957 April 14, 1984


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