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STAT Switzerland United Kingdom HISTORY
Alcohol > Consumption > Current 10.8 litres per capita
Ranked 11th.
11.2 litres per capita
Ranked 9th. 4% more than Switzerland
Beer > Consumption 57 litres
Ranked 13th.
97 litres
Ranked 6th. 70% more than Switzerland
Big Mac nutritional values > Carbohydrates 41 g
Ranked 20th. The same as United Kingdom
41 g
Ranked 18th.
Big Mac nutritional values > Energy 510 kcal
Ranked 16th. 4% more than United Kingdom
490 kcal
Ranked 33th.
Big Mac nutritional values > Fat 26 g
Ranked 17th. 8% more than United Kingdom
24 g
Ranked 34th.
Big Mac nutritional values > Protein 27
Ranked 15th.
Ranked 3rd. 4% more than Switzerland
Big Mac nutritional values > Salt equivalent 2,200 mg
Ranked 22nd. 5% more than United Kingdom
2,100 mg
Ranked 30th.
Bottled water > Consumption 111.2 litres
Ranked 4th. 4 times more than United Kingdom
25.4 litres
Ranked 10th.
Coffee > Consumption 7 kgs
Ranked 6th. 6 times more than United Kingdom
1.2 kgs
Ranked 16th.
Exports 3.94
Ranked 101st.
Ranked 89th. 67% more than Switzerland

Fruit juice > Consumption 22.8 litres
Ranked 12th.
29.3 litres
Ranked 8th. 29% more than Switzerland
Soft drink > Consumption 81.4 litres
Ranked 11th.
96.5 litres
Ranked 7th. 19% more than Switzerland
Tea > Consumption 0.4 kgs
Ranked 10th.
2.3 kgs
Ranked 1st. 6 times more than Switzerland
Total spirit > Consumption 2.4 litres
Ranked 17th.
3.9 litres
Ranked 9th. 63% more than Switzerland
Wine > Consumption 42 litres
Ranked 3rd. 2 times more than United Kingdom
20 litres
Ranked 9th.
Alcohol > Consumption > 2000 11.2 litres per capita
Ranked 9th. 8% more than United Kingdom
10.4 litres per capita
Ranked 12th.
Big Mac nutritional values > Dietary fiber 3 g
Ranked 19th.
4 g
Ranked 1st. 33% more than Switzerland
Alcohol > Consumption > 1980 13.5 litres per capita
Ranked 10th. 44% more than United Kingdom
9.4 litres per capita
Ranked 21st.
Alcohol > Consumption > 1990 12.9 litres per capita
Ranked 8th. 32% more than United Kingdom
9.8 litres per capita
Ranked 19th.
Alcohol > Consumption > 1970 14.2 litres per capita
Ranked 6th. Twice as much as United Kingdom
7.1 litres per capita
Ranked 20th.
Imports > % of merchandise imports 6.29%
Ranked 107th.
Ranked 69th. 73% more than Switzerland

Beverages and tobacco > % of value added in manufacturing 9.3%
Ranked 69th.
Ranked 62nd. 29% more than Switzerland

Exports > % of merchandise > Exports 2.68%
Ranked 97th.
Ranked 83th. 93% more than Switzerland

SOURCES: OECD Health Data 2005; Global Market Information Database, published by Euromonitor; Wikipedia>Big Mac; Wikipedia>Big Mac ; Wikipedia> Big Mac; World Bank staff estimates from the Comtrade database maintained by the United Nations Statistics Division.; World Development Indicators database


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