Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Background Stats

National tree:

West Indian Mahogany


Independence day date February 27 1844
Land border length 360 km 2014 147th out of 200
Named after person Saint Dominic 2014
National anthems Himno Nacional ( National Anthem ) 2011
Neighboring countries and territories Colombia (M) Haiti Venezuela (M) Aruba ( Netherlands ) (M) Curaçao ( Netherlands ) (M) Puerto Rico ( United States ) (M) Turks and Caicos Islands ( United Kingdom ) (M) 2014

SOURCES: Wikipedia: List of national independence days (List); Wikipedia: List of countries and territories by land borders (Land borders) (Note: land border lengths will vary depending on the scale by which they are measured, and therefore these figures without a source accompanied by an explanation of how they were measured and at what scale makes comparisons impossible; for more information see coastline paradox .); Wikipedia: List of countries named after people (Dependent territories named after people); Wikipedia: List of national anthems (Anthems of United Nations member states) ("List of Member States" . United Nations . Retrieved 2011-07-21 .); Wikipedia: List of countries and territories by land and maritime borders


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