Egypt Transport Stats


  • Airports: Total number of airports. Runways must be useable, but may be unpaved. May not have facilities for refuelling, maintenance, or air traffic control.
  • Airports > Per capita: Total number of airports. Runways must be useable, but may be unpaved. May not have facilities for refuelling, maintenance, or air traffic control. Per capita figures expressed per 1 million population.
  • Commute > Distance: Distance. Based on 0-50 contributions for Argentina, Armenia, Austria and 63 more countries and 50-100 contributions for Australia, Brazil, Germany and 5 more countries and over 100 contributions for Canada, India, and United States. The surveys were conducted by numbeo.com from January, 2011 to February, 2014. See this sample survey for the United States, respondents were asked "Distance".
  • Gross value added by transport, storage and communication: Gross Value Added by Kind of Economic Activity at current prices - US dollars.
  • Highways > Total > Per capita: total length of the highway system Per capita figures expressed per 1,000 population.
  • Motor vehicles: Motor vehicles per 1,000 people
  • Ports and terminals: This entry lists major ports and terminals primarily on the basis of the amount of cargo tonnage shipped through the facilities on an annual basis. In some instances, the number of containers handled or ship visits were also considered.
  • Rail > Railway length: Railway length in kilometers.
  • Road > Motor vehicles per 1000 people: Motor vehicles per 1000 people.

    No date was available from the Wikipedia article, so we used the date of retrieval.

  • Road > Motorway density: Meters of motorway per square kilometer.
  • Road > Motorway length: Total network length of all motorways in km.
  • Road network length > Km: Length of road network in kilometers in European Union countries.
  • Roads > Passenger cars > Per 1,000 people: Passenger cars (per 1,000 people). Passenger cars refer to road motor vehicles, other than two-wheelers, intended for the carriage of passengers and designed to seat no more than nine people (including the driver).
  • Roadways > Unpaved: This entry gives the total length of the road network and includes the length of the paved and unpaved portions.
  • Waterways: The total length and individual names of navigable rivers, canals, and other inland bodies of water.
Airports 83 2013 65th out of 235
Airports > Per capita 1.09 per 1 million people 2007 206th out of 221
Commute > Distance 39.82 km 2014 1st out of 38
Gross value added by transport, storage and communication 22.03 billion 2012 33th out of 204
Highways > Total > Per capita 0.969 km per 1,000 people 1999 104th out of 111
Motor vehicles 30 motor vehicles per 100 p 1997 53th out of 60
Ports and terminals major seaport(s): Mediterranean Sea - Alexandria, Damietta, El Dekheila, Port Said; Gulf of Suez - Suez
oil/gas terminal(s): Ain Sukhna terminal, Sidi Kerir terminal
Rail > Railway length 6,700 km 2014 27th out of 147
Road > Motor vehicles per 1000 people 45 2014 131st out of 191
Road > Motorway density 11.44 m of motorway per square km 2014 80th out of 93
Road > Motorway length 988 km 2014 44th out of 93
Road network length > Km 2014 71st out of 219
Roads > Passenger cars > Per 1,000 people 33.08 2009 88th out of 110
Roadways > Unpaved 10,688 km 2010 27th out of 45
Waterways 3,500 km 2011 15th out of 50


  • Egypt ranked #7 for airports > with paved runways > total amongst Muslim countries in 2013.
  • Egypt ranked #7 for roadways > paved amongst Hot countries in 2013.

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