Facts and stats about Hungary

9.94 million

Population. Ranked 87th in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 51st in 2012.


Austria 366 km, Croatia 329 km, Romania 443 km, Serbia 166 km, Slovakia 676 km, Slovenia 102 km, Ukraine 103 km
Largest city Budapest - 2,008,546
Capital city Budapest - 2,008,546
Major language Hungarian
Major religion Christianity
Monetary unit forint
Prime minister Viktor Orban
Alternative names Magyar Koztarsasag, Magyarorszag, Republic of Hungary, Hungary
Groups Christian countries, Cold countries, Eastern Europe, Emerging markets, Europe, European Union, Heavily indebted countries, Landlocked countries, NATO countries, Tourist destinations, World

Interesting observations about Hungary

  • Hungary ranked first for land use > arable land amongst Heavily indebted countries in 2013.
  • Hungary ranked first for inflation rate > consumer prices amongst European Union in 2012.
  • Hungary ranked first for GDP > purchasing power parity per capita amongst Emerging markets in 2010.
  • Hungary ranked first for roadways > total amongst Landlocked countries in 2013.
  • Hungary ranked #4 for population amongst Tourist destinations in 2013.
  • Hungary ranked first for sanitation facility access > improved > rural amongst Europe in 2013.
  • Hungary ranked #12 for death rate amongst Christian countries in 2013.
  • Hungary ranked second for land use > permanent crops amongst Cold countries in 2013.
  • Hungary ranked 5th last for GDP per capita amongst NATO countries in 2012.
  • Hungary ranked 10 places from the bottom for sex ratio > at birth amongst Eastern Europe in 2013.