Facts and stats about Kuwait

2.7 million

Population. Ranked 140th in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 12th in 2011.


Iraq 240 km, Saudi Arabia 222 km
Largest city Kuwait City - 151,060
Capital city Kuwait City - 151,060
Major language Arabic
Major religion Islam
Monetary unit Kuwaiti dinar
Alternative names Al Kuwayt, Dawlat al Kuwayt, Kuwait, State of Kuwait
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Interesting observations about Kuwait

  • Kuwait ranked first for telecoms > mobile cellular subscriptions > per 100 people amongst Muslim countries in 2012.
  • Kuwait ranked third for sex ratio > total population amongst Hot countries in 2013.
  • Kuwait ranked first for electricity > consumption by households per capita globally in 2005.
  • Kuwait ranked first for current account balance amongst Former British colonies in 2012.
  • Kuwait has ranked last for currency > official exchange rate > LCU per US$, period average since 2003.
  • Kuwait has had the highest electricity production from oil sources > KWh per capita since 1995.
  • Kuwait ranked first for electric power consumption > KWh per capita amongst Middle Eastern and North Africa in 2011.
  • Kuwait has had the highest urban population per 1000 since 1995.
  • Kuwait has ranked last for tax > highest marginal tax rate > individual rate since 2003.
  • Kuwait ranked second last for population amongst OPEC countries in 2013.