Kuwait Nutrition Stats


% of children who are still breastfeeding 20-23 months 9 2002 99th out of 105
% of children who are   exclusively breastfed 6 months 12 2002 96th out of 125
% of under-fives suffering from stunting moderate & severe 24 2002 63th out of 132
% of under-fives suffering from underweight moderate & severe 10 2002 88th out of 137
% of under-fives suffering from underweight severe 3 2002 56th out of 104
% of under-fives suffering from wasting moderate & severe 11 2002 24th out of 128
Depth of hunger > Kilocalories per person per day 130 2006 119th out of 169
Exclusive breastfeeding > % of children under 6 months 11.9% 1996 7th out of 8
Low-birthweight babies > % of births 7% 1998 24th out of 30
Prevalence of undernourishment > % of population 5% 2007 97th out of 168

SOURCES: UNICEF; Food and Agriculture Organisation, Food Security Statistics (http://www.fao.org/economic/ess/food-security-statistics/en/).; UNICEF, State of the World's Children, Childinfo, and Demographic and Health Surveys by Macro International.; Food and Agriculture Organisation (http://www.fao.org/faostat/foodsecurity/index_en.htm).


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