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National tree:

Oak , Serbian Spruce


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Daylight Savings Time end date Last Sunday October 2013
Daylight Savings Time start date Last Sunday March 2013
Full name Republic of Serbia 2013
Independence day date February 15 1804
Land border length 2,027 km 2014 84th out of 200
National anthems Bo\u017ee pravde ( God of Justice or Lord, Give Us Justice ) 2011
National identity card The Li\u010dna karta (\u041b\u0438\u0447\u043d\u0430 \u043a\u0430\u0440\u0442\u0430) is compulsory at the age of 16, but it can be obtained when a person turns 10. It is issued only to Serbian citizens with permanent residence in Serbia as well as foreign citizens residing in Serbia. While it is the most often used official identification document, three other hold the same status \u2014 Passport, Driver's licence and Refugee ID card. Old style IDs, that refer to a the no longer existing states of SFRY or FRY , will be valid until their expire date and no longer than December 31, 2016. 2004
Neighboring countries and territories Albania (L) Bosnia and Herzegovina (L) Bulgaria (L) Croatia (L) Hungary (L) Republic of Macedonia (L) Montenegro (L) Romania (L) Kosovo (L) Kosovo, which some countries consider part of Serbia, borders Albania 2014
Number of maritime boundary neighbours 0.0 2014 151st out of 171

Serbia became a stand-alone sovereign republic in the summer of 2006 after Montenegro voted in a referendum for independence from the Union of Serbia and Montenegro.

When the vote was followed by a formal declaration of independence by Montenegro, a special session of parliament in Belgrade declared Serbia to be the legal successor to the now defunct Union.

Serbia and Montenegro, the two republics still left in the old Yugoslav federation, had agreed in 2002 to scrap remnants of the ex-communist state and create the new, looser Union of Serbia and Montenegro.

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