Serbia Religion Stats


Christian > Catholic > Female catholics 194,302 2011 4th out of 17
Christian > Catholic > Urban catholics 218,101 2011 4th out of 14
Christian > Mormon > Congregations 3 2014 114th out of 175
Christian > Mormon > Members 308 2014 123th out of 195
Christian > Orthodox > Orthodox percent of population 84.98 2014 5th out of 43
Christian > Orthodox > Orthodox population 6.37 million 2014 7th out of 43
Christian > Orthodox > Orthodox population per thousand people 837.53 2011 1st out of 15
Major religion(s) Christianity 2013
Muslim > Muslim percentage of total population 3.7% 2014 100th out of 184
Muslim > Muslim population 280,000 2014 94th out of 177
Religious diversity score 0.0 2001 214th out of 214
Secularism and atheism > Population considering religion important 50.5% 2014 106th out of 143
Secularism and atheism > Population considering religion unimportant 46.5% 2014 38th out of 143
State religion > Church Serbian Orthodox Church 2014
State religion > Denomination Eastern 2014

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Serbia Religion Profiles (Subcategories)

Christian 42 State religion 3

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