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Date of recognition of Israel None 2014
Date of recognition of State of Palestine 16 November 1988 1967
Diplomatic relations with Palestine Yes 1967
Diplomatic representation in the US > Ambassador Petrović (ambassador), Vladimir Vladimir Petrović (ambassador) 2014
Recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement saying that Serbia "respects international law and has a principled policy of preservation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of internationally recognised states, above all of the Republic of Serbia. Serbian officials have continuously warned that the unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo and Metohija , just as the recognitions of this illegal act, could have the nature of a precedent and destabilise other regions in the world. It can be surmised, with regret, that these predictions have come true". President Boris Tadi\u0107 said that he respects the Russian support regarding Kosovo but that Serbia will defend own interests, respecting international law and will not do anything that would bring into question its territorial integrity. He also said that all political participants in Serbia are obliged by Constitution to defend the interests of Serbia, and not the interests of any other country in the world and called on them to defend the principles of international law whenever a certain region unilaterally declares independence. Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovi\u0107 said that the crisis in Georgia is the result of a "domino effect" following Kosovo's declaration of independence. On 3 September 2008, President Boris Tadi\u0107 reiterated the position of Serbia by saying that "Serbia is not going to recognise these so-called new countries." In July 2010, Ambassador of Serbia to Moscow Jelica Kurjak said that "Kosovo and Abkhazia with South Ossetia are two different things. In Ossetia and Abkhazia there were other events, there are other standards". In a May 2012 visit to Russia, the Serbian President-elect, Tomislav Nikoli\u0107 , confirmed to the Russian President Vladimir Putin that the Serbian Parliament is set to consider formal recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. 2014
Recognition of Israel notes title=Daily report: East Europe, 192\u2013201|year=1991|publisher=The Service|url= http://books.google.dk/books?id=gCsUAQAAMAAJ&dq=&q=#search_anchor|accessdate=5 August 2011|page=33 & 39}}</ref> 2014

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