Turks and Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos Islands Industry Stats


Gross value added by construction 46.07 million 2012 185th out of 206
Gross value added by construction per capita 1,420.77 2012 37th out of 203
Gross value added by manufacturing 9.97 million 2012 197th out of 205
Gross value added by manufacturing per capita 307.54 2012 123th out of 202
Gross value added by mining, manufacturing, utilities 44.46 million 2012 193th out of 207
Gross value added by mining, manufacturing, utilities per capita 1,371.19 2012 98th out of 204
High-technology exports > % of manufactured exports 2.08% 2011 90th out of 117
Manufactures exports > % of merchandise exports 80.72% 2012 13th out of 88
Manufactures imports > % of merchandise imports 69.86% 2004 67th out of 156

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