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DEFINITION: The legal status of animal cropping by country. Cropping is the removal of part or all of the external, visible flap of the ear of an animal. It is most commonly performed on dogs.
Afghanistan Unrestricted
Argentina Unrestricted
Australia Banned
Austria Banned
Belgium Banned
Bolivia Unrestricted
Brazil Banned for cosmetic purposes
Bulgaria Banned
Canada Banned in Manitoba (1), Newfoundland and Labrador (2), New Brunswick (3), Nova Scotia (4), and Prince Edward Island.
Chile Unrestricted
Colombia Unclear
Croatia Banned
Cyprus Banned
Czech Republic Banned
Denmark Banned
Egypt Unrestricted
England Banned
Estonia Banned
Finland Banned
France Banned, except tail-docking
Germany Banned
Greece Banned
Hungary Banned
Iceland Banned
India Previously restricted, currently unrestricted
Indonesia Unrestricted
Ireland Banned
Israel Banned
Italy Banned or unclear
Kuwait Unrestricted
Latvia Banned
Lebanon Unrestricted
Lithuania Banned
Luxembourg Banned
Malaysia Unrestricted
Mauritius Unrestricted
Mexico Unrestricted
Morocco Unrestricted - Morocco has no animal protection laws
Nepal Unrestricted
Netherlands Banned
New Zealand Banned
Northern Ireland Banned
Norway Banned
Peru Unrestricted
Philippines Unrestricted
Poland Banned
Portugal Banned
Romania Banned
Russia Restricted
Scotland Banned
Slovakia Banned
Slovenia Banned
South Africa Banned
Spain Banned in autonomies of Catalonia and Andalucia
Sri Lanka Unrestricted
Sweden Banned
Switzerland Banned
Taiwan Unrestricted
United States Unrestricted (some states, including New York and Vermont, have considered bills to make the practice illegal)
Virgin Islands Banned
Wales Banned


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