Statistics for Economy > Trade > Exports > By good


Statistics and graphs related to agriculture are found here. How many agricultural workers are there per hectare? Tractors? Which country produces the maximum cotton? Who is the biggest exporter of bananas? Click in if these interest you.

TOP STATS: Arable land > Hectares, Rural population, Agricultural land > Sq. km and 322 more


What is the background of the country? National bird? Get a quick summary of countries in this section.

TOP STATS: Overview, National tree, Full name and 21 more


TOP STATS: Terrorism > Global Terrorism Index, Civil war and unrest > Arab Spring death toll, War > World War I > Total deaths and 29 more

Cost of living

TOP STATS: Average monthly disposable salary > After tax, Local purchasing power, Prices at markets > Cigarettes > Pack of Marlboro and 52 more


No explanation needed for this section. Murders. Guns. Jails. Crimes. Judges. We have all of that and more out here. Actually we go deeper than your routine crime beat sections. How many adults were prosecuted? What percentage were convicted? How many were women? What is the death penalty rate in different countries? How safe do the citizens perceive they are? Do they trust the police? Will they report a crime? You'll find surprising answers here.

TOP STATS: Violent crime > Murder rate, Violent crime > Murder rate per million people, Violent crime > Intentional homicide rate and 183 more


TOP STATS: Happy Planet Index, Sexuality > Homosexuality > Legality of homosexual acts, Food and drink > Beer consumption and 67 more


The tsunami rocked the civilized world with its widespread devastation. Learn the details of the losses incurred by the countries affected. How are the developed countries helping out? Who has pledged the most money? How do they compare? Check out...

TOP STATS: Chernobyl > Contaminated area (percent of country), Storm deaths > 2009, Tsunami > Death toll and 47 more


This category is all about money. GDP. Aid. Gross national income. Debt. Inflation. Trade balance. Foreign investment. Government spending. You get the idea.

TOP STATS: GDP, GDP per capita, Gross National Income and 3717 more


Any and every statistic which can be collected about schooling and the whole education sector can be found here. What is the duration of education in different countries? Is the percentage of enrollment different for sexes? How long do students spend learning their mother tongues? What is the mathematical aptitude of the average 8 year old? How many university degrees are awarded to females? What is the percentage of students who find school boring? We've tabulated them all for you.

TOP STATS: Children out of school, primary, Pupil-teacher ratio, primary, Compulsary education duration and 908 more


How does your country fare in Traditional Fuel Consumption? In Geothermal Energy Consumption? How many barrels of oil were imported into your country last year? Does your production of hydroelectricity match your consumption? Which countries in the world successfully produce nuclear energy for consumption? What is the average energy usage per person? All your questions regarding different forms of energy, their generation and consumption have been answered here.

TOP STATS: Commercial energy use, Electricity > Consumption > Per capita, Electricity > Consumption and 2387 more


How much area is declared as protected in the different countries of the world? How many endangered species of reptiles, mammals, birds etc are found in different countries? What are the national levels of pollution? Emissions? Nuclear waste generation? Salination of water resources and expenditure for waste treatment. International treaties, ratification and complaince. You'll find almost all statistics related to environmental pollution and conservational efforts here.

TOP STATS: Marine fish catch, Ecological footprint, Pollution perceptions > Air pollution and 331 more


All the stats pertaining to the physical features of the country in question can be found here. This implies that if you are looking for the co-ordinates or map references of countries, the land area, climate, boundaries, terrain, natural resources or coastlines, your search ends here.

TOP STATS: Land area > Square miles, Area > Comparative, Climate and 102 more


This category is all about the functioning of the government machinery. So, you'll find stats on the goverment administrative divisions, the executive, legistative and judiciary branches, constitution, parliamentary seats, secession attemps, suffrage, corruption - everything connected with our esteemed politicians.

TOP STATS: Government type, Legal system, Legislative branch and 392 more


Statistics about the health of a country's citizens are present in this category. You can find stats related to birth weights, rates on smoking, HIV incidence, incidence of cancer, circulatory and other diseases, stats on infant and maternal mortality, life expectancy, suicide rates, teenage pergnancy and other health related topics. We also have some details on health expenditure and health care funding out here.

TOP STATS: Physicians > Per 1,000 people, Births and maternity > Total fertility rate, Human height > Average female height and 529 more


Lists all industry related stats like production of cars, buses trucks, LCVs, different industries like biotech firms and so on.

TOP STATS: Manufacturing output, Manufacturing, value added > Current US$ per capita, Manufacturing, value added > Current US$ and 94 more


You can find detailed stats on the economic activity of the labor force broken over different age-groups and sexes. We also have stats on employment in different sectors, trade union memberships, the average work time, the average number of days the workers take off or even just don't show up! How many female decision makers does a country have? Doctors? What is the normal gender division of the housework? What are the unemployment details and benefits available? How long does an average person need to work to buy a loaf of bread? A car? A television set? Compare these values for different countries.

TOP STATS: Salaries and benefits > Minimum wage, Average monthly wage > Local currency > Net, Labor force > By occupation and 374 more


What are the main languages spoken in the countries? How many English language speakers are there per country? How about French and Spanish? Check out the results here..

TOP STATS: Languages, Major language(s), French status and 21 more


Here we rank countries based on amphetamine and cannabis use. But more interestingly, we go into their mindset. What do the citizens of different countries think of their armed forces? Will they report a crime? Do they trust their neighbours? What about their governments? Are they happy with life in general? How charitable are they? What is their political orientation? Are they proud of their countries? Will they fight for their countries? This is an utterly captivating category.

TOP STATS: Quality of life index, Happiness level > Very happy, Happiness net and 110 more


Countries are ranked here depending on the penetration level of computers, phones, fax machines, radios, television sets, mobile phones etc. We also have other stats related to media like vastness of different networks, revenue and employment in different telecom sectors here.

TOP STATS: Telephones > Mobile cellular > Per capita, Internet > Internet users per thousand people, Internet users and 429 more


Want to know the size of the army in Iran? The number of tanks in Germany? Want to compare the weapon holdings in North and South Korea? Worried about the WMDs world over? Need to know the exact number of countries who have signed terrorism conventions? Or just curious about the coalition forces in the Gulf War? We've tried to collect all details available in the public domain for you here.

TOP STATS: Air force > Combat aircraft, Army > Main battle tanks, Budget and 285 more


Facts relating to the actual life of people are found here. So we have birth and death rates, marriage and divorce rates, single parents, one-person households and teenage pregnancies, size of households and elderly institutions, ethnicity and chinese population - just about every stat you always wanted to know! What is the average age of women when they first get married? How happy are they when compared to their mothers? What is the gender development index in different countries? What will the population be in 2020? Don't miss this category even if you didn't come searching for it specifically.

TOP STATS: Population, Age distribution > Population aged 0-14, Population > Population growth, past and future and 1058 more


Where else could you find the number of Catholics, Catholic priests, Catholic parishes, Jehovahs Witnesses and the number of permanent deacons, and compare them all between major nations in a per-capita format? Check them all here.

TOP STATS: Religions, Religions > All, Major religion(s) and 111 more


Who scored the maximum medals in the olympics? What about the summer and winter olympics? What are the latest FIFA rankings? Which country has the maximum number of Mt. Everest ascents? Get all the answers in this sports section.

TOP STATS: Chess > GrandMasters, Chess > GrandMasters per million, Winter olympic medals > All time and 508 more


This is a category which needs particular highlighting as the growing concern and need for awareness continues to press upon our front pages, in the minds of our leadership and politicians, and indeed, in our everyday conversations. We hope to expand this category into timely and essential data you can rely on to make sense of global and national security, political and societal violence, and our perceptions which are shaped by these notions.

TOP STATS: Global Terrorism Indicator, Number of Known Terrorist Organizations Present, Background and 30 more


Here you can find the numbers on the different modes of transportation. How many cars does a country have? Airports? What is the lenght of its highways? What proportion is paved? What about runways, heliports and ports? Lets not leave out waterways or the merchant navy. We have them all here.

TOP STATS: Road > Motor vehicles per 1000 people, Road network length > Km, Road density > Km of road per 100 sq. km of land area and 446 more


TOP STATS: Inbound tourism > Arrivals, Outbound tourism > Departures, Inbound tourism > Tourist expenditure per capita and 19 more


TOP STATS: Temperature > Highest temperature ever recorded, Precipitation, Precipitation per capita and 4 more

Agriculture machine excl tractors 89
Agriculture machine excl tractors per 1000 89
Aircraft spacecraft etc 106
Aircraft spacecraft etc per 1000 106
Alcoholic beverages 124
Alcoholic beverages per 1000 123
Alcohols phenols derivatives 95
Alcohols phenols derivatives per 1000 95
Aluminium 105
Aluminium ores concs etc 53
Aluminium ores concs etc per 1000 53
Aluminium per 1000 105
Animal feed excl unml cer 121
Animal feed excl unml cer per 1000 121
Animal oil fat 75
Animal oil fat per 1000 75
Animal vegetables oils processed 92
Animal vegetables oils processed per 1000 92
Arms and ammunition 68
Arms and ammunition per 1000 68
Art collections antiques 104
Art collections antiques per 1000 103
Articles nes of plastics 119
Articles nes of plastics per 1000 119
Articles of apparel nes 122
Articles of apparel nes per 1000 122
Articles of rubber nes 86
Articles of rubber nes per 1000 86
Baby care toys games sport 100
Baby care toys games sport per 1000 100
Ball roller bearings 77
Ball roller bearings per 1000 77
Barley grain 43
Barley grain per 1000 43
Base metal handheld equipment 110
Base metal handheld equipment per 1000 110
Base metal manufactures nes 114
Base metal manufactures nes per 1000 114
Base metal ore conc nes 77
Base metal ore conc nes per 1000 77
Beverage non-alcohol nes 112
Beverage non-alcohol nes per 1000 112
Briquettes lignite peat 44
Briquettes lignite peat per 1000 44
Butter and cheese 78
Butter and cheese per 1000 78
Carboxylic acid compound 78
Carboxylic acid compound per 1000 78
Cereal etc flour starch 110
Cereal etc flour starch per 1000 110
Cereal grains nes 67
Cereal grains nes per million 67
Cereal meal flour nes 78
Cereal meal flour nes per million 78
Cheese and curd 82
Cheese and curd per 1000 82
Chocolate cocoa preparations 89
Chocolate cocoa preparations per 1000 89
Cine fild developed 48
Cine fild developed per million 48
Civil engineering plant 117
Civil engineering plant per 1000 115
Clay refractory material 97
Clay refractory material per 1000 97
Clothing accessories 105
Clothing accessories per 1000 105
Coal gas water gas etc 13
Coal gas water gas etc per million 13
Coal non-agglomerated 51
Coal non-agglomerated per 1000 51
Cocoa 76
Cocoa per 1000 76
Coffee coffee substitute 99
Coffee coffee substitute per 1000 99
Coin nongold non current 39
Coin nongold non current per million 39
Coke semi-coke retort 43
Coke semi-coke retort per 1000 43
Computer equipment 104
Computer equipment per 1000 103
Copper 96
Copper ores concentrates 53
Copper ores concentrates per 1000 53
Copper per 1000 96
Cork manufactures 48
Cork manufactures per 1000 48
Cork natural raw waste 23
Cork natural raw waste per million 23
Cotton 102
Cotton per 1000 102
Crude animal material nes 99
Crude animal material nes per 1000 99
Crude vegetables materials nes 120
Crude vegetables materials nes per 1000 120
Crustaceans molluscs etc 110
Crustaceans molluscs etc per 1000 110
Cut paper board articles 118
Cut paper board articles per 1000 118
Cutlery 80
Cutlery per 1000 80
Domestic equipment 99
Domestic equipment per 1000 99
Dyeing tanning extracts 74
Dyeing tanning extracts per million 74
Edible products nes 119
Edible products nes per 1000 119
Electric circuit equipment 109
Electric circuit equipment per 1000 109
Electric current 58
Electric current per 1000 58
Electrical distribution equipment 106
Electrical distribution equipment per 1000 106
Electrical equipment nes 114
Electrical equipment nes per 1000 114
Electrical power transmission equipment 99
Electrical power transmission equipment per 1000 99
Elements oxides hal salt 106
Elements oxides hal salt per 1000 106
Engines non-electric nes 82
Engines non-electric nes per 1000 82
Essentoil perfume flavr 99
Essentoil perfume flavr per 1000 99
Explosives pyrotechnics 76
Explosives pyrotechnics per million 76
Fans filters gas pumps 108
Fans filters gas pumps per 1000 108
Ferrous waste scrap 116
Ferrous waste scrap per 1000 116
Fertilizers crude 60
Fertilizers crude per 1000 60
Fixed vegetables oils not soft 101
Fixed vegetables oils not soft per 1000 101
Flat rolled alloy steel 76
Flat rolled alloy steel per 1000 76
Flat rolled iron steel products 85
Flat rolled iron steel products per 1000 85
Floor coverings etc 85
Floor coverings etc per 1000 85
Flour meal wheat meslin 104
Flour meal wheat meslin per 1000 104
Food processing machines 97
Food processing machines per 1000 97
Footwear 115
Footwear per 1000 115
Fruit preserved fruit preparations 96
Fruit preserved fruit preparations per 1000 96
Fruit vegetables juices 105
Fruit vegetables juices per 1000 104
Fuel wood wood charcoal 66
Fuel wood wood charcoal per million 66
Furniture stuff furnishing 122
Furniture stuff furnishing per 1000 122
Furskins tanned dressed 61
Furskins tanned dressed per 1000 61
Glass 93
Glass per 1000 93
Gold non-monetary excl ore 100
Gold non-monetary excl ore per 1000 100
Goods service vehicles 115
Goods service vehicles per 1000 114
Hand machine tools 109
Hand machine tools per 1000 108
Headgear non-textile clothing 98
Headgear non-textile clothing per 1000 98
Heavy petrol bitum oils 117
Heavy petrol bitum oils per 1000 117
Hide skin excl fur raw 119
Hide skin excl fur raw per 1000 119
Household garden chemicals 101
Household garden chemicals per 1000 101
Hydrocarbons derivatives 73
Hydrocarbons derivatives per 1000 73
Indust heat cool equipment 113
Indust heat cool equipment per 1000 113
Internal combustion engines 111
Internal combustion engines per 1000 111
Iron ore concentrates 47
Iron ore concentrates per 1000 47
Iron steel aluminium structures 108
Iron steel aluminium structures per 1000 108
Iron steel bars rods etc 106
Iron steel bars rods etc per 1000 106
Iron steel pipe tube etc 107
Iron steel pipe tube etc per 1000 107
Iron steel railway material 66
Iron steel railway material per 1000 66
Iron steel wire 86
Iron steel wire per 1000 86
Jewellery 98
Jewellery per 1000 97
Jute bast fibre raw retd 17
Jute bast fibre raw retd per million 17
Knit crochet fabrics 88
Knit crochet fabrics per 1000 88
Leather 74
Leather manufactures 72
Leather manufactures per 1000 72
Leather per million 74
Lighting fixtures etc 101
Lighting fixtures etc per 1000 101
Lime cement constr material 115
Lime cement constr material per 1000 115
Liquid propane butane 71
Liquid propane butane per 1000 71
Live animals except fish 108
Live animals except fish per 1000 108
Machine-tools remove material 89
Machine-tools remove material per 1000 89
Made-up textile articles 122
Made-up textile articles per 1000 122
Maize except sweet corn 82
Maize except sweet corn per 1000 82
Man-made fibres nes wast 66
Man-made fibres nes wast per 1000 66
Man-made woven fabrics 104
Man-made woven fabrics per 1000 104
Manufactured fertilizers 96
Manufactured fertilizers per 1000 96
Margarine shortening 82
Margarine shortening per 1000 82
Material machine tools without mtl-removal 91
Material machine tools without mtl-removal per 1000 91
Materials of rubber 84
Materials of rubber per 1000 84
Measure control appliances nes 114
Measure control appliances nes per 1000 113
Meat offal preserved 55
Meat offal preserved nes 91
Meat offal preserved nes per 1000 91
Meat offal preserved per 1000 55
Mech transmission equipment 94
Mech transmission equipment per 1000 94
Mechanical handling equipment 113
Mechanical handling equipment per 1000 111
Medical etc electronic diagnostics equipment 79
Medical etc electronic diagnostics equipment per 1000 79
Medical etc instruments 96
Medical etc instruments per 1000 96
Medicaments include veterinary 115
Medicaments include veterinary per 1000 115
Men boy wear knit croch 112
Men boy wear knit croch per 1000 112
Metal machine tool parts 74
Metal machine tool parts per 1000 74
Metal salts of inorganic acid 99
Metal salts of inorganic acid per 1000 99
Metal store transport cont 116
Metal store transport cont per 1000 116
Metalworking machine nes 87
Metalworking machine nes per 1000 87
Meters and counters nes 77
Meters and counters nes per 1000 77
Milk products excl butter cheese 108
Milk products excl butter cheese per 1000 108
Mineral manufactures nes 96
Mineral manufactures nes per 1000 95
Misc chemical products nes 108
Misc chemical products nes per 1000 108
Misc manufactures articles nes 113
Misc manufactures articles nes per 1000 113
Misc non-ferrous base metal 67
Misc non-ferrous base metal per 1000 67
Monofilament rods sticks 64
Monofilament rods sticks per 1000 64
Motor vehicles parts accessories 106
Motor vehicles parts accessories per 1000 106
Motorcycles cycles etc 89
Motorcycles cycles etc per 1000 89
Musical instruments records 99
Musical instruments records per 1000 99
Nails screws nuts bolts 99
Nails screws nuts bolts per 1000 99
Natural abrasives nes 57
Natural abrasives nes per 1000 57
Natural gas 47
Natural gas per 1000 47
Natural rubber latex etc 61
Natural rubber latex etc per 1000 61
Nickel 50
Nickel ores concs etc 34
Nickel ores concs etc per 1000 34
Nickel per 1000 50
Nickel-ferrum base metal waste nes 113
Nickel-ferrum base metal waste nes per 1000 113
Nitrogen function compounds 81
Nitrogen function compounds per 1000 81
Non-electrical machines nes 103
Non-electrical machines nes per 1000 103
Non-electrical parts accessories machines 90
Non-electrical parts accessories machines per 1000 90
Office equipment parts accessories 99
Office equipment parts accessories per 1000 99
Office machines 78
Office machines per 1000 78
Office stationery supply 89
Office stationery supply per 1000 89
Oil etc additives fluids 79
Oil etc additives fluids per 1000 79
Oil seeds-not soft oil 88
Oil seeds-not soft oil per 1000 88
Optical fibres 77
Optical fibres per 1000 77
Optical instruments nes 57
Optical instruments nes per 1000 57
Organo-inorganic compounds 76
Organo-inorganic compounds per 1000 76
Other crude minerals 109
Other crude minerals per 1000 109
Other inorganic chemical 67
Other inorganic chemical per 1000 67
Other organic compounds 87
Other organic compounds per 1000 87
Paper industry machinery 84
Paper industry machinery per 1000 84
Paper paperboard 105
Paper paperboard per 1000 105
Passenger cars etc 110
Passenger cars etc per 1000 109
Pearls precious stones 74
Pearls precious stones per 1000 73
Perfume toilet cosmetics 112
Perfume toilet cosmetics per 1000 111
Petrol hydrocarbon gas 58
Petrol hydrocarbon gas per 1000 58
Pharmaceuticals excl medicaments 108
Pharmaceuticals excl medicaments per 1000 108
Photographic equipment 85
Photographic equipment per 1000 84
Photographic supplies 79
Photographic supplies per 1000 79
Pig iron etc ferro alloy 73
Pig iron etc ferro alloy per 1000 73
Pigments paints varnish 113
Pigments paints varnish per 1000 113
Plastic nes-primary form 95
Plastic nes-primary form per 1000 95
Plastic sheets film etc 101
Plastic sheets film etc per 1000 101
Plastic tube pipe hose 98
Plastic tube pipe hose per 1000 98
Plastic waste scrap 81
Plastic waste scrap per million 81
Polyacetals polyesters 79
Polyacetals polyesters per 1000 79
Pottery 84
Pottery per 1000 84
Power generating equipment nes 83
Power generating equipment nes per 1000 83
Precious metal ore conc 73
Precious metal ore conc per million 73
Prefabricated buildings 94
Prefabricated buildings per 1000 94
Primary ethylene polymer 84
Primary ethylene polymer per 1000 84
Primary products iron steel 73
Primary products iron steel per 1000 73
Printed matter 123
Printed matter per 1000 123
Printing industry machinery 87
Printing industry machinery per 1000 87
Pulp and waste paper 96
Pulp and waste paper per 1000 96
Pumps for liquids 102
Pumps for liquids per 1000 102
Radio broadcast receiver 76
Radio broadcast receiver per 1000 76
Radio-active etc material 48
Radio-active etc material per 1000 48
Railway vehicles equipment 79
Railway vehicles equipment per 1000 79
Residual petrol products 92
Residual petrol products per 1000 92
Rice 93
Rice per 1000 93
Road motor vehicles nes 93
Road motor vehicles nes per 1000 93
Rolled plated m-steel 96
Rolled plated m-steel per 1000 96
Rotating electrical plant 113
Rotating electrical plant per 1000 113
Rubber synthetic waste etc 64
Rubber synthetic waste etc per 1000 64
Rubber tyres treads 96
Rubber tyres treads per 1000 96
Sanitary plumb heat fixtures 77
Sanitary plumb heat fixtures per 1000 77
Ships boats etc 109
Ships boats etc per 1000 108
Silk 27
Silk per million 27
Silver platinum etc 69
Silver platinum etc per 1000 69
Soaps cleansers polishes 118
Soaps cleansers polishes per 1000 118
Sound tv recorders etc 83
Sound tv recorders etc per 1000 83
Special industrial machines nes 114
Special industrial machines nes per 1000 114
Special transactions nes 98
Special transactions nes per 1000 98
Special yarns fabrics 101
Special yarns fabrics per 1000 101
Spices 102
Spices per 1000 102
Starches glues etc 88
Starches glues etc per 1000 88
Steam generating boilers 70
Steam generating boilers per 1000 70
Steam vapour turbines 64
Steam vapour turbines per million 64
Stone sand gravel 103
Stone sand gravel per 1000 103
Styrene primary polymers 66
Styrene primary polymers per 1000 66
Sugar confectionery 98
Sugar confectionery per 1000 98
Sugar mollasses honey 112
Sugar mollasses honey per 1000 112
Sulphur unroastd pyrites 52
Sulphur unroastd pyrites per million 52
Synthetic organic colour agents 77
Synthetic organic colour agents per 1000 77
Synthetic spinning fibre 66
Synthetic spinning fibre per 1000 66
Taps cocks valves 90
Taps cocks valves per 1000 90
Tea and mate 95
Tea and mate per 1000 95
Telecomms equipment nes 118
Telecomms equipment nes per 1000 117
Television receivers 87
Television receivers per 1000 87
Textile leather machinery 99
Textile leather machinery per 1000 99
Textile yarn 105
Textile yarn per 1000 105
Tin 47
Tin per 1000 47
Tractors 92
Tractors per 1000 92
Trailers caravans etc 100
Trailers caravans etc per 1000 100
Trunks and cases 93
Trunks and cases per 1000 93
Tulle lace embr trim etc 84
Tulle lace embr trim etc per 1000 84
Valves transistors etc 87
Valves transistors etc per 1000 87
Vegetables root tuber prepared pressed 105
Vegetables root tuber prepared pressed per 1000 105
Vegetables textile fibre excl cot ju 57
Vegetables textile fibre excl cot ju per million 57
Veneer plywood etc 103
Veneer plywood etc per 1000 103
Vinyl chloride etc polymers 78
Vinyl chloride etc polymers per 1000 78
Watches and clocks 79
Watches and clocks per 1000 79
Wheat meslin 65
Wheat meslin per 1000 65
Wire products excl insulators electrical 100
Wire products excl insulators electrical per 1000 100
Women girl clothing woven 113
Women girl clothing woven per 1000 113
Women girl wear knit croch 110
Women girl wear knit croch per 1000 110
Wood chips waste 59
Wood chips waste per 1000 59
Wood in rough squared 94
Wood in rough squared per 1000 94
Wood manufactures nes 115
Wood manufactures nes per 1000 115
Wood simply worked 105
Wood simply worked per 1000 105
Wool animal hair 73
Wool animal hair per 1000 73
Worn clothing etc 85
Worn clothing etc per million 85
Woven textile fabric nes 82
Woven textile fabric nes per 1000 82
Zinc 73
Zinc per 1000 73
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