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Australia Australia is one of the biggest producers of coal in the world, with more than 265 million tonnes produced in 2005, with only China, the US and India producing more. Its electrical energy production is mainly sourced from fossil fuels, with 90.8%, while the country has the 9th largest natural gas reserves in the world with 2.4 trillion cubic feet a fraction of Russia’s 47.8 trillion.
Canada Electricity production is hugely important with a total electricity generation of 628 billion kWh in 2005. Of that figure almost 579 billion kWh was produced by public power stations, but a further 49 billion kWh self produced electricity, making Canada the 4th largest producer of independently generated electricity. Almost 58% is produced by hydro electricity production, with fossil fuels the source of 28% of its electrical production and 13% (92 billion kWh) produced through nuclear power stations.
India India still relies very heavily on fossil fuels for electricity production, with 81.7% of the total amount of electrical energy generated. The 2nd highest source is water, with hydroelectricity production accounting for 14.5%. Nuclear electricity accounts for 3.4%, with thermal and wind energy generating the remainder. One of the chief source of fossil fuel electricity is coal, with, India the 3rd biggest producer of coal in the world, according to 2005 figures. Its 407 million tonnes of mined coal is surpassed only by China's 2.2 billion tonnes and the US's 532 million tonnes.
Singapore Being a small city state, there can be no surprise that its energy needs are almost completely imported. In fact, only Hong Kong has a higher percentage imported energy use in the world. Singapore’s electric power generation is 6.7 million kWh, but its electric power consumption is 34.6 billion kWh. It is also a major consumer of oil, with some 38.1 million tonnes consumed by the end of 2004.


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