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China Amid such major industrial and agricultural activities, the Chinese environment is not in its healthiest state. In 2000, China had the 2nd highest rate of pollution due to carbon dioxide from fossil fuels in the world, though it was half of the number one nation, the US. In fact, 2003 figures show that some 3.4 tonnes of CO2 was emitted by China, still the 2nd highest amount. The food industry, meanwhile, has been fingered out as the chief culprit with freshwater pollution, accounting for more than 28% emissions.
India With such a dependence on fossil fuels, there can be little surprise that India has its share of pollution problems. In 2003, the country's carbon dioxide emissions were the 5th highest in the world, with just over 1 billion metric tonnes. This was still some way short of the US (5.7 billion), China (3.4 billion), and was just behind Russia (1.5 billion) and Japan (1.2 billion). And while its carbon efficiency rating is 57th in the world, its fresh water pollution rate is just 32nd, with 0.97 tonnes of organic pollutants per cubic metre.


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