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DEFINITION: Geographic location of island countries.
Antigua and Barbuda Caribbean Sea , Leeward Islands
Australia Australia
Bahrain Persian Gulf
Barbados Caribbean Sea , Windward Islands
Brunei Maritime Southeast Asia
Cape Verde Atlantic Ocean , Africa
Comoros Indian Ocean , Africa
Cook Islands Pacific Ocean , Polynesia
Cuba Caribbean Sea , Greater Antilles
Cyprus Mediterranean Sea
Dominica Caribbean Sea , Lesser Antilles
Dominican Republic Caribbean Sea , Greater Antilles
East Timor Maritime Southeast Asia
Federated States of Micronesia Pacific Ocean , Micronesia
Fiji Pacific Ocean , Melanesia
Grenada Caribbean Sea , Windward Islands
Haiti Caribbean Sea , Greater Antilles
Iceland Atlantic Ocean
Indonesia Maritime Southeast Asia
Ireland Atlantic Ocean , British Isles
Jamaica Caribbean Sea , Greater Antilles
Japan Pacific Ocean , East Asia
Kiribati Pacific Ocean , Micronesia
Madagascar Indian Ocean , Africa
Maldives Indian Ocean
Malta Mediterranean Sea
Marshall Islands Pacific Ocean , Micronesia
Mauritius Indian Ocean , Africa
Nauru Pacific Ocean , Micronesia
New Zealand Pacific Ocean , Polynesia
Niue Pacific Ocean , Polynesia
Palau Pacific Ocean , Micronesia
Papua New Guinea Pacific Ocean , Melanesia
Philippines Maritime Southeast Asia
Saint Kitts and Nevis Caribbean Sea , Leeward Islands
Saint Lucia Caribbean Sea , Windward Islands
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Caribbean Sea , Windward Islands
Samoa Pacific Ocean , Polynesia
Seychelles Indian Ocean , Africa
Singapore Maritime Southeast Asia
Solomon Islands Pacific Ocean , Melanesia
Sri Lanka Indian Ocean
Taiwan Pacific Ocean , East Asia
The Bahamas Atlantic Ocean , Bahamas
Tonga Pacific Ocean , Polynesia
Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Sea , South America
Tuvalu Pacific Ocean , Polynesia
United Kingdom Atlantic Ocean , British Isles
Vanuatu Pacific Ocean , Melanesia


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