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Israel Despite having a small population of around 7 million, Israel has one of the 30 largest armed forces in the world, as well as one of the most well-equipped and heavily invested in, with figures in 2000 revealing it had a total of 172,000 military personnel. This figures includes army personnel of 134,000 (the 17th largest in the world); air force personnel of 32,000; and naval personnel of 9,000. It is the 4th best equipped force, with some 15.9 million weapons, just under half of the total arsenal of the US armed forces.
Russia Traditionally, Russia invested heavily in its military but that trend has been reversed quite dramatically. In fact between, 1985 and 2000, its military growth rate was -71. However, it still has the 2nd largest force with 1.5 million military personnel. Also, it is still the world’s top arms exporter with figures in 2005 revealing exports of over $8 billion.


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