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DEFINITION: This entry states the total route length of the railway network and of its component parts by gauge: broad, standard, narrow, and dual. Other gauges are listed under note.
Armenia some lines are out of service
Burkina Faso another 660 km of this railway extends into Cote D'Ivoire
Cambodia under restoration
Costa Rica none of the railway network is in use
Cote d'Ivoire an additional 622 km of this railroad extends into Burkina Faso
Cuba an additional 7,742 km of track is used by sugar plantations; about 65% of this track is standard gauge; the rest is narrow gauge
Djibouti railway under joint control of Djibouti and Ethiopia but remains largely inoperable
Dominican Republic additional 1,226 km operated by sugar companies in 1.076 m, 0.889 m, and 0.762-m gauges
El Salvador railways not in operation since 2005 because of disuse and high costs that led to a lack of maintenance
Eritrea railway is being rebuilt; 117 km open
Estonia gauge being increased from 1.520-m to 1.524-m to reduce wear on wheels and rail as lines are modernized
Ethiopia railway under joint control of Djibouti and Ethiopia but remains largely inoperable
Fiji belongs to the government-owned Fiji Sugar Corporation; used to haul sugarcane during harvest season (May to December)
Guyana all dedicated to ore transport
Haiti privately owned industrial line; closed in early 1990s
Holy See (Vatican City) a spur of the Italian Railways system, serving Rome's Saint Peter's station
Hong Kong connects to China railway system at Hong Kong-China border
Hungary Hungary and Austria jointly manage a cross-border, standard-gauge railway connecting Gyor, Sopron, and Ebenfurt (Gysev railroad) with a route length of 101 km in Hungary and 65 km in Austria; 156 km of this line is electrified
Jamaica 207 of these km belonging to the Jamaica Railway Corporation had been in common carrier service until 1992 but are no longer operational; 57 km of the remaining track is privately owned and used by ALCAN to transport bauxite
Lebanon rail system became unusable because of damage done during fighting in the 1980s and in 2006
Liberia sections of railway are inoperable because of damage suffered during the civil war
Liechtenstein owned, operated, and included in statistics of Austrian Federal Railways
Nauru gauge unknown; used to haul phosphates from the center of the island to processing facilities on the southwest coast
Russia an additional 30,000 km of non-common carrier lines serve industries
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone has no common carrier railroads; the existing railroad is private and used on a limited basis while the mine at Marampa is closed
Singapore there is also an 83 km mass transit system with 48 stations
South Africa includes a 1,210 km commuter rail system
Suriname Suriname railroads are not in operation
Taiwan 150 km .762-m gauge (belonging primarily to Taiwan Sugar Corporation and Taiwan Forestry Bureau; some to other entities)
United States represents the aggregate length of roadway of all line-haul railroads including an estimate for class II and III railroads; excludes 135,185 km of yard tracks, sidings, and parallel lines
Uruguay 461 km have been taken out of service and 460 km are in partial use
Zambia includes 891 km of the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA)
Zimbabwe includes the 318 km Bulawayo-Beitbridge Railway Company line


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