Education > Primary teacher age Stats: compare key data on Italy & United Kingdom


STAT Italy United Kingdom
Proportion aged 30-39 27%
Ranked 11th. 35% more than United Kingdom
Ranked 22nd.
Proportion aged 40-49 40%
Ranked 2nd. 8% more than United Kingdom
Ranked 7th.
Proportion aged 50-59 25%
Ranked 6th. 14% more than United Kingdom
Ranked 11th.
Proportion aged 60+ 4%
Ranked 7th. 4 times more than United Kingdom
Ranked 14th.
Proportion under 30 5%
Ranked 24th.
Ranked 9th. 4 times more than Italy
Proportion under 30 per million 0.0878%
Ranked 22nd.
Ranked 17th. 4 times more than Italy

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