Lithuania Road Stats


Expressway length 309 km 2014 47th out of 59
Length of motorways per capita 6.4 mm 2014 41st out of 93
Motor vehicles per 1000 people 560 2014 24th out of 191
Motorway density 122.65 m of motorway per square km 2014 31st out of 93
Motorway length 417 km 2014 59th out of 93
Radar detector legality Illegal 2001
Traffic laws > Fire extinguisher required Yes 2014
Traffic laws > First aid required Yes 2014
Traffic laws > Minimum driver's age 16 2014 38th out of 38
Traffic laws > Minimum passenger age for front seat 12 front seat 2014 19th out of 30
Traffic laws > Permitted alcohol level 0.04% 2014 29th out of 41
Traffic laws > Seatbelt required All 2014
Traffic laws > Spare bulb required No 2014
Traffic laws > Speed limit at dual carriageway 110 km/h 2014 6th out of 16
Traffic laws > Speed limit at motorway 130 km/h 2014 8th out of 34
Traffic laws > Speed limit at single carriageway 90 km/h 2014 11th out of 40
Traffic laws > Speed limit at urban area 50 km/h 2014 16th out of 42
Traffic laws > Tow rope required No 2014
Traffic laws > Triangle required Yes 2014


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