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  • Civil law system: Description.

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  • Political parties and leaders: Significant political organizations and their leaders.
  • Political pressure groups and leaders: Organizations with leaders involved in politics, but not standing for legislative election.
  • Suffrage: The age at enfranchisement and whether the right to vote is universal or restricted
Administrative divisions none (special administrative region of the People's Republic of China) 2013
Civil law system Based on the Portuguese strand of the continental tradition, itself much influenced by Germany; also influenced by the law of the PRC 2014
Constitution previous 1976 (Organic Statute of Macau, by Portugal); latest adopted 31 March 1993, effective 20 December 1999 (Basic Law of the Macau Special Administrative Region, by the People's Republic of China, serves as Macau's constitution) 2013
Country name > Conventional long form Macau Special Administrative Region 2013
Executive branch > Cabinet Executive Council consists of 1 government secretary, 3 legislators, 4 businessmen, 1 pro-Beijing unionist, and 1 pro-Beijing educator 2013
Executive branch > Chief of state President of China HU Jintao (since 15 March 2003) 2013
Executive branch > Head of government Chief Executive Fernando CHUI Sai-on (since 20 December 2009) 2013
Government type limited democracy 2013
International organization participation ICC (national committees), IHO, IMF, IMO (associate), Interpol (subbureau), ISO (correspondent), UNESCO (associate), UNWTO (associate), UPU, WCO, WTO 2013
Judicial branch Court of Final Appeal in Macau Special Administrative Region 2012
Legal system civil law system based on the Portuguese model 2013
Legislative branch unicameral Legislative Assembly 2011
Political parties and leaders Alliance for Change or MUDAR
Democratic New Macau Association or ANMD (an electoral list of New Macau Association [Jason CHAO]
Democratic Prosperous Macau Association or APMD (an electoral list of New Macau Association [Jason CHAO]
Macau Development Alliance or NUDM [Angela LEONG On-kei]
Macau-Guangdong Union or UMG
Macau United Citizens' Association or ACUM [CHAN Meng-kam]
New Macau Association or NMA [Jason CHAO]
New Hope or NE [Jose Maria Pereira COUTINHO]
Union for Development or UDP
Union for Promoting Progress or UPP [LEONG Heng-teng]
Political pressure groups and leaders Civic Power [Agnes LAM lok-fong]
Democratic Action [LEE Kin-yun]
Bar-Bending Workers' Association {WONG Wai-Man]
Macau New Chinese Youth Association [LEONG Sin-man]
Macau Society of Tourism and Entertainment or STDM [Stanley HO]
Macau Worker's Union [HO Heng-kuok]
New Macau Association [Antonio NG Kuok-cheong]
Suffrage 18 years of age in direct elections for some legislative positions, universal for permanent residents living in Macau for the past seven years(973 were registered in the 2009 legislative elections) and a 300-member Election Committee for the Chief Executive (CE) drawn from broad regional groupings, municipal organizations, central government bodies, and elected Macau officials 2013

SOURCES: CIA World Factbooks 18 December 2003 to 28 March 2011; Wikipedia: List of national legal systems (Civil law); CIA World Factbooks 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013


Macau Government Profiles (Subcategories)

Country name 4 General government final 10
Executive branch 5 Trademarks 6

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