Palestine Births and maternity Stats


  • All births of boys: Live births by sex and urban/rural residence.
  • All births of girls: Live births by sex and urban/rural residence.
  • Antenatal care > Mothers getting 1+ visit during pregnancy: Percentage of pregnant women who received at least one visit by a doctor or other highly specialized care provider.
  • Average age of mother at childbirth: Average age of mother at first childbirth.
  • Births attended by skill personnel: Births attended by skilled health personnel, percentage.
  • Caesarean birth rate: Percentage of live births that are delivered through a cesarean section, more commonly referred to as a c-section.
  • Crude birth rate: Country's crude birth rate. The crude birth rate is the number of live births for every 1,000 people.
  • Future births: Mid-range estimate for country's population increase due to births from five years prior to the given year. For example, from 2095 to 2100, India's population is expected to rise by 16,181 people due to births. Estimates are from the UN Population Division.
  • Infant mortality rate: How many infants, out of 1000, who will die before attaining one year of age.
  • Maternal death rate: Number of mothers who died giving birth, out of 100,000 births.
  • Number of births: Total number of live births. A live birth refers to a birth after which the baby shows signs of life, however, if the baby dies after showing signs of life, it is still considered a live birth.
  • Teenage birth rate: Percentage of females aged 15-19 who give birth, out of all females the same age in the country.
  • Total fertility rate: Total fertility rate.
All births of boys 59,245 2007 36th out of 112
All births of girls 56,126 2007 37th out of 112
Antenatal care > Mothers getting 1+ visit during pregnancy 98.8% 2006 7th out of 55
Average age of mother at childbirth 29.1 2006 11th out of 28
Births attended by skill personnel 98.9% 2006 23th out of 71
Caesarean birth rate 15% 2012 64th out of 129
Crude birth rate 36.7 2007 4th out of 18
Future births 147.48 2100 89th out of 196
Infant mortality rate 19.2 2012 84th out of 193
Maternal death rate 64 per 100,000 live births 2010 90th out of 178
Number of births 136,827 2007 12th out of 18
Teenage birth rate 59.8 2006 23th out of 130
Total fertility rate 1.91% 2100 62nd out of 196