Background Stats: compare key data on Croatia & Czech Republic


  • Daylight Savings Time end date: Rules that determine the date on which daylight savings time ends. Clocks are moved backwards on this date.
  • Daylight Savings Time start date: Rules that determine the date on which daylight savings time begins. Clocks are moved forward on this date.
  • Full name: Full names (translated to english) of the United Nations member states, as of 2014. For a list of full names in the respective original languages of each country, check this link.
  • Independence day date: Date.
  • Land border length: The length of each country's land border. Islands are listed as having a 0.0 km.
  • National anthems: National anthem.
  • National identity card: Description.
  • National tree: Name of tree.

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  • Neighboring countries and territories: The countries and territories neighboring each country. "L" means they share only a land border and "M" means they have only maritime boundaries. A blank means they share both.
  • Number of maritime boundary neighbours: Number of states and territories with which each country shares a maritime border. Two countries separated from each other by a body of water have a maritime border with each other.
  • Overview: A geopolitical overview of every sovereign country in the world, briefly examining their recent history and place on the global stage. The texts are taken from the BBC News website.
STAT Croatia Czech Republic HISTORY
Daylight Savings Time end date 01:00 UTC on last Sunday October 01:00 UTC on last Sunday October
Daylight Savings Time start date 01:00 UTC on last Sunday March 01:00 UTC on last Sunday March
Full name Republic of Croatia Czech Republic
Independence day date October 8 January 1
Land border length 2,197 km
Ranked 80th. 17% more than Czech Republic
1,881 km
Ranked 91st.
National anthems Lijepa na\u0161a domovino ( Our Beautiful Homeland ) Kde domov m\u016fj? ( Where is My Home? )
National identity card The Croatian identity card is compulsory at 16. Compulsory at 15.
National tree Pedunculate oak Small-leaved Lime/Small-leaved Linden
Neighboring countries and territories Bosnia and Herzegovina Hungary (L) Italy (M) Montenegro Serbia (L) Slovenia Austria (L) Germany (L) Poland (L) Slovakia (L)
Number of maritime boundary neighbours 4
Ranked 31st.
Ranked 145th.
Overview <p>Croatia&#039;s declaration of independence in 1991 was followed by four years of war and the best part of a decade of authoritarian nationalism under President Franjo Tudjman.</p> <p>By early 2003 it had made enough progress in shaking off the legacy of those years to apply for EU membership, becoming the second former Yugoslav republic after Slovenia to do so.</p> <p>A country of striking natural beauty with a stunning Adriatic coastline, Croatia is again very popular as a tourist destination.</p><br> <a href="http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-17212572">Full Article</a> <p>Part of Czechoslovakia until the &quot;velvet divorce&quot; in January 1993, the Czech Republic has a robust democratic tradition, a highly-developed economy, and a rich cultural heritage.</p> <p>It emerged from over 40 years of Communist rule in 1990, and was the first former Eastern Bloc state to acquire the status of a developed economy. It joined the European Union in 2004.</p> <p>Communist rule had lasted since the late 1948, when the restored prewar democratic system was overthrown in a Soviet-backed coup. The &quot;Prague Spring&quot; of 1968, when Communist leader Alexander Dubcek tried to bring in liberal reforms, was crushed by Warsaw Pact tanks.</p><br> <a href="http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-17220018">Full Article</a>


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