Taiwan Gas-diesel oils Stats


Consumption by chemical industry 16,000 ton 2005 24th out of 41
Consumption by households and other consumers 1.19 million ton 2005 29th out of 137
Consumption by households and other consumers > Per capita 51.85 ton per 1,000 people 2005 48th out of 137
Consumption by industry and construction 131,000 ton 2005 67th out of 123
Consumption by transportation industry 3.66 million ton 2005 32nd out of 168
Consumption by transportation industry > Per capita 159.73 ton per 1,000 people 2005 62nd out of 167
Consumption in agriculture 806,000 ton 2005 21st out of 95
Consumption in inland and coastal waterways 108,000 ton 2005 25th out of 55
Consumption in rail transport 30,000 ton 2005 41st out of 60
Consumption in road transport 3.52 million ton 2005 33th out of 160
Consumption in road transport > Per capita 153.71 ton per 1,000 people 2005 65th out of 159
Conversion in thermal power plants 132,000 ton 2005 43th out of 158
Energy balance requirement -7,541,000 ton 2005 196th out of 204
Imports 21,000 ton 2003 175th out of 189
Production from refineries 12.72 million ton 2005 20th out of 109


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